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561868_157524411112047_1944116115_nWe all need physical and spiritual healing in our lives. We live in blindness desperatly seeking the truth to set us free. Healing takes place deep in our souls when we turn to God with an open heart for help in times of quiet desperation.  Blinded by a world that seduces our senses its difficult to see God in the darkness that surrounds us sometimes.

 Jesus said “I came into the world to give sight to those who cannot see…and take away sight to those who can!” He told the blind man he lives in darkness and as long as I am in the world I am the light of the world.  How many times have we drifted in our lives for the vanity of superficial things only to be left disappointed and empty. When we face difficulties in life that have no worldly cure or answer we only have one safe place to turn and that is the invisible spiritual dimension for help .  So many hidden lessons to be lerant from the words of Jesus.