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Mix with your equals –  Ecclesiasticus 13
1 Whoever touches pitch will be defiled,
and anyone who associates with a proud man will come to be
like him.
Do not try to carry a burden too heavy for you,
do not associate with someone more powerful and wealthy
than yourself.
Why put the clay pot next to the iron caldron?
It will only break when they collide.
The rich man wrongs a man and puts on airs,
while the poor man is wronged and apologizes.
If you are useful he will exploit you,
if you cannot keep up with him he will desert you.
Are you well off? –he will live with you,
he will clean you out without a single qualm.
Does he need you? –he will hoodwink you,
smile at you and raise your hopes;
he will speak to you with smooth words
and say, “I wonder what you would like?”
7 And he will put you to shame with his grand dinners,
until he has cleaned you out two or three times over,
and he will finish by making you ridiculous.
When he sees you afterward he will snub you,
and wag his head about you.