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ECCLESIASTICUS 12:8 – True and false friends
8 In prosperity you cannot always tell a true friend,
but in adversity you cannot mistake an enemy.
9 When a man is doing well his enemise are sad,
when he is doing badly, even a friend will keep his distance.
Do not ever trust an enemy;
as bronze tarnishes, so does his malignity.
Even if he behaves humbly and comes bowing and scraping,
maintain your reserve and be on your guard against him.
Behave toward him as if you were polishing a mirror,
you will find that his tarnish cannot last.
Do not stand him beside you
in case he thrusts you out and takes your place.
Do not seat him at your right hand,
or he will be after your position,
and you will end up by admitting the truth of my words,
and feeling the sting in them.
Who feels sorry for a snake charmer bitten by a snake,
or for those who take risks with savage animals?–
just so for someone consorting with a sinner,
and being accomplice to his sins.
as long as you maintain your stand he will not reveal himself,
but if you once give way he will press his advantage.
An enemy may have sweetness on his lips,
and in his heart a scheme to throw you in the ditch.
An enemy may have tears in his eyes,
but if he gets a chance not even blood will satisfy him.
If you meet with misfortune, you will find him there before you,
and, pretending to help you, he will trip you up.
He will wag his head and clap his hands,
he will whisper a lot and his expression will change.