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8 Take care you are not hoodwinked
and thus humiliated through your own stupidity.
When an influential man invites you, show reluctance,
and he will press his invitation all the more.
Do not thrust yourself forward, in case you are pushed aside,
but do not stand aloof, or you will be overlooked.

11 do not affect to treat him as an equal,
do not trust his flow of words;
since all this talking is expressly meant to test you,
under cover of geniality he will be weighing you up.

12 Pitiless is the man who is too free with his words,
he will not spare you either blows or chains.
Be wary, take very great care,
because you are walking with your own downfall.

15 Every living thing loves its own sort,
and every man his neighbor.
16 Every creature mixes with its kind,
and man sticks to his own sort.
How can wolf and lamb agree?–
Just so with sinner and devout.
What peace can there be between hyena and dog?
and what peace between rich man and poor?
Wild donkeys are the prey of desert lions;
so too, the poor are the quarry of the rich.
The proud man thinks humility abhorrent;
so too, the rich abominate the poor.