Easter Blessings A Priest’s reflection on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire*

Today, I can do no better than cite three reflections I found on Facebook regarding the tragic Notre Dame fire:

First, what survived from the fire? The cross, the altar, the Crown of Thorns. Consider this for your own life – when our lives will be burned up and everything turned to ash, what will survive? Will it be the Crosses that made you holy, the altar where you offered yourself to God as a living sacrifice, the Crown of Thorns in humility you wore, that you may be worthy to wear a glorious crown of gold?

Second, the outside of the church looked completely destroyed, while the inside remained intact, though damaged. A fitting metaphor for the universal Church. To the rest of the world, it looks as if the Church will be completely destroyed. But to those on the inside, we know that, while damaged, it can never be destroyed!

Finally, the fire at Notre Dame is a powerful symbol of what is happening to Christianity in Europe – and elsewhere. The flames of secularism seem intent on destroying it. Will a new generation rise up to save, not their cultural heritage, but their very Faith itself?

Fr. Joseph Gill